Monday, 18 January 2010

Micro micro micro - Company of Heroes

Okay. I admit, as a games artist in the making, I've never really attempted to play computer strategy based games such as total war and Civilisation. Embarrassing, I know. But it must be done!

So, I gave Company of Heroes a shot. As I didn't have much idea on the game play I went through the entire tutorial - basic training, infantry combat training, base operations and armor training - which took just over an hour, but it's well explained and well worth doing if your a beginner, like moi.

I went straight to campaign mode afterwards, and I did not expect the amount of difficulty and intensity put into this game, I barely lasted out there. The tutorials I previously went through were nothing compared to the actual thing. I found this very mind boggling! I am clearly aware that practice makes perfect in this game, because I suck at it.

I think CoH was a great game, the highly detailed graphics and the camera angles really puts you in the game. You can even explode a few dozen men and watch bits of bodies whizz around the screen, class! It's a shame I felt that I didn't get the full experience out of it, simply because it's a difficult game. I will practice however, and I shall keep you posted (hopefully) :)

Goodnight peoples, cya tomorrow!


  1. Posted by steff at 13:21
    good mornin Maybe?

  2. play rome total war you'll never look back :D