Sunday, 24 January 2010

GRIN's Final Fantasy tech demo? Should Final Fantasy even be westernised?

Part of the "Sound implementation demo" posted by former GRIN employee Jonaton Crafoord. see more here


  1. I know right?We talked about this last week. I can't help but feel that western gamers probably need a choice though. Do you agree? Personally I'd rather play in Japanese, but sometimes, it's a bit of a wrench to play 60 hours straight in something that isn't your 'mother' tongue. Excuse the obvious Jenova reference!

  2. The GRIN PC version of tom clancys GRAW2 was sugoi! nothing like the console version, It was the first game i played on multiple platforms and neither was a port from the other, unlike todays PC, Xbox and PS3 scene. needed a beast of a rig to run it though!

    Looks here like Square should open up and stop the rumour mill on this!

  3. beautiful environment is all i can say