Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Web Authoring - The final straw!

Stephaniemclean.tk - check it out!

Not the best site i've made but it only took a few hours. I'll add some more shiz like a questionnaire form for you lot to fill out later in the week - if you dont mind!

Peace out ya'llllll


  1. you know what? i love it! its obviously a prototype and you will tinker with it as you progress but theres one point i wanna raise.

    your background is fantastic! but like pete you've gone for the big backdrop and this means it should be viewed at a certain size. any bigger and the tiling looks unprofessional. i tried a nice big backdrop too but the tiling just made it look fail! hhaha

    if you want the image to repeat a good tip is to think of something smaller like 100x100 pixels that looks cool repeated, like stars for example.

    dont worry about it though, its just constructive criticism that you should ignore cuz your background is too awesome!

  2. FINE THEN dont tell anyone i did this for you. yeah guys thats why im always tired

  3. Jacob = fail bear.

    Thanks for the kind comments!

    Raiden, I totally know what you mean >__< eep, I was hoping someone would pick that out! I should of blended in the background so you can't see where the background repeats, then it wouldn't matter what resolution the site is viewed at. My bad.