Sunday, 18 October 2009

Concept Artist

A concept Artist is a person who produces a visual design for an item, character, environment, etc. These artists are known to work in film production, animation production & most certainly game production. It is important that a concept artist must not only have the compulsory skills of a professional artist, but also have the capacity of a graphic designer.

What responsibilities do they have?
Work with, and take direction from the Art Director & Lead Artists within the team, to help in unifying the art vision throughout all areas of the product
Work on both high level concepts depicting game activities and vistas and specific concept designs for individual art assets
To create additional material for marketing purposes throughout the development of the project.
Take responsibility for producing artwork to a high standard and to any agreed schedule.
Maintain communication with other artists and relevant project staff, and report to team and line managers as required.
Present design ideas and artwork in such a way as to communicate these ideas clearly.

Qualifications Required:
Degree or diploma from Art College in Games Development, Fine Art, Design or Art related course (Preferred but not required).

Experience Required:
At least 2 years experience in entertainment, games or similar industry.
At least 1 year of experience as a Concept Artist.
Knowledge/Skills Required:
Must have extensive knowledge and experience with industry standard 2D applications such as Photoshop and Painter.
Should have excellent 2D concept skills working in a variety of styles.
Must have strong 2D art abilities, exhibiting excellent illustration and drawing skills.
Excellent understanding of colour/composition to create images that work in a variety of media including promotional folders, posters, trade stands and web applications.
An excellent communicator who is as comfortable and confident in talking to team members and project designers.
Must be very strong organisationally including the ability to multitask, ensuring all work being carried out is to an equally high standard of quality and continuity.
Must be able to work well within a team or individually.
Must be able to internally and externally promote the art vision of the game and ensure this is delivered in its entirety at the end of the project.
Must be highly motivated and enthusiastic about this area of work.

What’s the salary?

The average wage for a Concept Artist is around 40k but this depends entirely on how talented you are.

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  1. all these companies wanting prior experience in the industry pisses me off. its like theyre just advertising to pinch people from another studio! how do n00bs get their foot in the door? lol