Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Computer Game Platform & Technologies - CSS or CS 1.6?

Counterstrike Source & Counter Strike 1.6....I have to admit I find both of these games great! They both equally have they're own unique way of making the game fun. Although CS is a lot older (which obviously meant that their capabilities were limited), It has been told that 50% of the counterstrike community still enjoys playing good old CS 1.6 (source from ebuyer forums).

Although CSS is similar to CS 1.6, it is easy to tell the difference between the two games just by looking at it. I have read so many complaints on numerous forums about how slow the game play is in CSS. They made the weapons far too easy to use along with the huge head boxes, where’s the fun in that? The main advantage that I could easily point out with source is the HUGE improvement with the graphics & the physics engine. It enhances the gaming experience, making it look more appealing.

The one thing I have realised is the competitiveness of CS 1.6; I have noticed some people prefer this game rather than the other purely because it is not aimed for beginners. 1.6 have a smaller hitboxes, where as headshots happen all the time in CSS. This means you’ve got to be extremely lucky or have a hard-earned skill in order to get headshots.

In conclusion, I really do find 1.6 better than Source, simply because I would rather pick gameplay over graphics.

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